by History Repeats

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A collection of songs written by some best friends about disdain and disgust we feel towards the most perverse things in this world.

Recorded by Allan Davis and Kenny Gardner at Murder on Tape Audio.


released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


History Repeats XXX Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Dragged
Dragged by the ankles
Hanged to slaughter, my body dangles

Is what I see reality? Or a trap?
Security and sanity; can never get them back.

From the top of our heads
To the bottom of our feet
Taken from our beds
Our blood will flood the streets
Track Name: Swim
These things swim constantly inside my head
You'd think I'd find a release
The apple fell so far from the tree
And broke free from the cycle
Where history repeats
Track Name: Ghosts
You can't say I'm wrong, or tell me no
I've got ghosts everywhere I go
I go back and forth. Is it real or not?
But at the end of the day it's all that I've got
I don't pretend, I never fake a fucking minute
I know that it's real cause I fucking live it
It makes me livid, it's just not fair
I reach deep to find nothing there

Everywhere I turn, it stares me in the face
There's nothing I can do and no escape
It's not something I can beat or something to ignore
Can't keep quiet anymore

If you're not like them, you get thrown in the gutter
Aren't you sick of being told what to do by others?
Track Name: Glutton/Rich Man's Trick
I'll never trust you; You've lied to us all
You'll see us suffer; We'll watch you fall
You have what we never will and you still want more
Your foot on our throats; We won't take anymore
You take what you don't need
Your relinquish of greed is just

A perfect circle; A promise that you keep
A person that you trust; A daydream while you sleep
We knew it from the start: the prophecies fulfilled
We'll see our world destroyed and it can never be rebuilt

If you can't stand the heat then stay out of the way
Learn from your mistakes before they repeat

We've seen it all before, but we'll choose to stay asleep
We'll all be the victims when history repeats